Marketing Trend: Display Advertising

Display advertising is an effective tool that many business owners have right at their hands. The ads are targeted towards specific consumers, allowing them to click on the advertisement to learn more or make a purchase. They can be used as a banner ad, as a video ad, or as a sidebar ad with a button and have many benefits.

1. You Can Reach Your Target Audience

The first benefit to your business of display advertising is that you can clearly reach your target audience. You can input exclusions in which you do not want your advertisements to show up on certain websites or with certain keyword searches. You can also, however, give specific information on what sites and what audience demographics you want to reach.

2. You Can Get Creative

Display advertising allows you to get as creative as you want to be. You can use catchy language and copy with urgency to really get the point across to your consumers. Make sure the image is eye-catching and clutter-free as well.

3. You Can Offer a Call-to-Action

Within the creativity of your advertisement, it is important to be able to have a call-to-action. It can be in the shape of a button that can draw attention. Make it as simple as the words “sign up” to gather those leads.

4. Direct Links to Your Business

Display ads are also extremely beneficial as they can link directly back to your business page. Make sure that this landing page only has the purpose of your advertisement, and make sure the consumers can see how effective your products or services are on the page.

5. You Can Analyze the Data

The final benefit of display ads is that you can clearly analyze the data results from your advertising campaign. You can determine the consumer impressions of your brand, the number of clicks, how many consumers you reached, and even how many consumers converted to a lead.

Final Thoughts

Display advertisements are full of benefits for a business’ marketing plan as seen above. Get creative and make sure your ads are effective to gain leads for your company.