Marketing Trend: Mobile Advertising

An advertisement is an announcement in a public medium that seeks to notify the masses on something. With technological advancement, forms and mediums used for advertising have also changed from the traditional ones to the latest. Mobile advertising is one such that is as a result of the technology and efficient in times like this when the pandemic has restricted a number of activities.

Mobile Advertising is a subcategory of mobile marketing strategy that primarily uses mobile handsets such as smartphones and tablets in publicizing, broadcasting and notifying a targeted audience of a particular brand, product or service. This latest trend in marketing is efficacious in disseminating information. It offers an opportunity for globalized marketing.

A report by GSMA has it that over 67.04% of the worlds population own a mobile gadget. In this regard, mobile advertising offers an easy access to a targeted audience. Notable, this form of advertising has an extended market niche. It thus presents an opportunity to developers and investors to access, penetrate and expand their targeted market.

In the contemporary world, the real business will this be found in those gadgets. Once the advertiser sets their goals rightly and have identified their targeted audience, Ads are designed and disseminated  for instance via the social media networks. These pop ups can be seen on Google, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube among other networks and platform.

There is also Mobile App Advertising. This offers a great opportunity besides the social networks. An advertiser gets in touch with Mobile App developers who design and feature Ads in the app. Also, an app may be designed specifically for publicizing a particular investment opportunity as well as products and services. There is also another form of Mobile Advertising through SMS offered by different service providers. The providers will disseminate customized text messages to their subscribers who couple as a  targeted audience as well as investors and customers.

Mobile advertising is an opportunity in achieving more for less. This is a trend that can’t downplayed by any advertiser who targets to reach targeted stakeholders, investors and customers in real business.